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I talked a good game during the NHL lockout. I said I would not buy tickets, I said that I would not watch games on T.V.  Guess what?  I ran out grabbed some wings and had to be right on time for puck drop on January 20th.  Later that week I caught myself asking people to let me know if they’d like to grab tickets to catch a game. What on earth happened to me? are we sellouts as sports fans or what? weather it is the NFL, NHL, MLB, or NBA it seems that these leagues can pretty much do anything as far as labor disputes and inevitably we all come back to the trough like cows waiting for hay. The NHL nearly committed brand suicide in the off-season taking a league that by many financial reports is not in good shape and then deciding to completely stop selling it’s primary product. If you are Pepsi you don’t stop selling cola, if your Mcdonald’s you don’t stop selling hamburgers, and if your the NHL you probably shouldn’t decide to stop selling hockey. An article in Forbes magazine noted that 18 teams lost money in the 2010-2011 season and that only the Leaf’s, the Ranger’s and the Canadien’s were able to swing a profit. Also since the last lockout the quality of the on ice product seems to have suffered. After the last lockout the increase in clutching and grabbing penalties among other changes were able to increase league wide scoring. For most of last season those changes appeared to be non existent and the games lacked scoring and excitement. Another reason for some of the dull play of recent years may be simply attributed to the fact that a full 82 game season is just too damn long. The players are not able put the intensity and quality into every game over the course of the long haul to have a good quality exciting product on the ice. The playoffs are much more exciting and competitive than the regular season by far. I have noticed so far over the first three to four games of the year that speed, intensity, and compete of the games following the lockout have been much better and more watchable. A sense of urgency may be present for the shortened season to win right from the gates and this can only benefit the fan experience and the league as a whole. There is really nothing worse than going to a game and spending $80.00 a seat to watch a game that the players seemingly coast through. The NHL may have stumbled upon something with it’s mindless lockout. What if the hockey season did’t start until the NFL football season was done? What if the shortened 48 game season allowed for playoff quality games in the regular season as well? Obviously the owners would not go for as short a season as this year, however, there must be a more reasonable number of games in a season to eliminate the mid season throw away games so often seen in the past. While the league is at it maybe they can drop a few teams like Columbus and Florida, and fix the win, loss, tie point system. I think Gary Bettman could handle that. Sorry about that lockout thing, now come get your tickets and ten dollar beers!

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Eric G.

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	Tickets For All NHL Games

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