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Upon release what is the expected cost of PS4?


Pre-order playstation 4 update! Cost of Ps4 set at $399.99!


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I’m sure that you’ve heard that the PlayStation 4 is coming out soon! There were a lot of rumours on the subject and many have now been proven or dis proven. It was announced on February 21st in New York City that the PS4 would be released, they didn’t specify a cost of PS4, a date or even show the console but it is the most exciting news in gaming at the moment!

What they did do was show the new Dual shock 4 controller! They also announced a new Killzone game called Killzone: Shadow Fall. It is expected that more will be announced at E3, this makes sense due to the fact that it is when all of the big announcements are made and it’s definitely likely that more people will be watching it. This may be when Sony will release information about the suggested cost of PS4.

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Will the cost of PS4 be less than the initial release cost of PS3?


Market analysts hold the opinion that Sony hindered some of it’s early sales  of the PS3 by releasing with a price point of $599.99 for the 60 GB model. In addition PlayStation’s competitor the Microsoft Xbox 360 was released initially at the price of $399.99. It is expected that the cost of PS4 may be closer to the $399.99 mark to avoid the controversy of Sony’s last big console launch. For now consumers will have to satisfy their appetites for the information on the PS4 with the specs released on the dual shock 4 controller.

The Dual shock 4 controller was announced and a full description was given. It looks good and is very similar to the controllers for the PS1, PS2 and PS3, the difference is that it looks more technologically advanced and that is because it is.

It has a share button which means that you can share clips and pictures of game play to the online community, it has a headphone jack much like the current Xbox 360 controller and has a light bar so that players can easily recognise each other.

The best new feature is a stereo camera, this is connected to a bar which looks much like a Nintendo Wii sensor which uses the light bar, I’m guessing that this will enable the user to control the game by moving the controller.

cost of ps4


There was also some discussion about compatibility with the PlayStation Vita – WiFi, Sony explained that the PSVita would bring valuable play to the living room but did not specify how exactly. The Sony rep said that they would expand on this later on in the year, and I’m guessing that they mean E3!

Details also included having the gaming community constantly linked with their PS4 through phones and tablets. Games will most likely not be playable on these but you will be able to access information about your friend’s progress on games and see videos of it.

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vita 3g/wifi                   vita assasins              vita madden 2013

creed     bundle                       bundle

PSvita lego batman    PSvita portable        PSvita

bundle                                   charger               memory card


Additional discussion of  the features of PS4 included having no loading times due to the powerful hardware in the PS4. Also a new function introduced will be that when you put the system onto standby during gameplay, when you go back,  the PS4 will be able to carry on straight from where you left off.

Sony also spoke about the ability to play games when they were downloading and said that they will even try to predict which games you will buy next to make the downloading more efficient.

This makes me think that most of the games will be downloaded and not purchased on a disk, that being said there are some games ready for pre-order for the PS4 which look to be in cases.

The games which you can pre-order are Thief 4, Watch Dogs, Destiny, Deep Down, infamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Diablo III, DriveClub and Knack.

Will the cost of PS4 at release inhibit consumers from buying?


Overall the system looks great and I am excited to see what more they announce at E3. I definitely hope to buy one if the cost of PS4 is reasonable and  I can get the money together!

This is a guest post by Ajax Hill, you can find my blog here!

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  1. Wowowow, the newest assasin’s creed for xbox one looks really amazing, I am anxious to try it! What is the preorder bonus?

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