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Choosing the Best Running Shoes for High Arches

What are the best running shoes for high arches? If you have high arches and you are an avid runner there is  nothing more important in the way of preventing nagging chronic injuries than choosing the correct sneakers.  Due to the repetitive nature of the sport and the constant impact with the ground  runners are susceptible to a plethora of foot, ankle, knee, and hip pathologies that can lead to pain and a need to discontinue running.high arches running shoes

Runners are frequently hampered by plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, patellar tendinitis, and iliotibial band or ITB syndrome. All of these painful injuries involve inflammation of tendons in the body due to repetitive activity in positions of poor bio-mechanical alignment.

In the case of the individual with high arches these problems become all about how much surface area of the bottom of the foot is able to attain contact with the ground upon impact when running, and where that impact is absorbed.

If you have high arches and have ever walked in the wet sand on the beach you will notice that the foot print you leave is very narrow with only a skinny portion of the outside surface of your foot leaving an impression. The large open area is the space left by the arch of your foot.

high arches running shoes

This small area on the outside of your foot is the only surface area available to absorb the shock of your foot slamming into the ground when running. The rest of these forces are directed into the arch. Now imagine the arch stretching flat over and over each time the foot hits the ground. It is for this reason that pain develops at the base of the heel and along the Achilles tendon.

If left unchecked this poor mechanical alignment can then continue further up the skeletal structure and manifest itself as knee, hip and even back pain. Many of these painful problems will then require treatment from a highly trained physical therapist in order to return to running.

Additionally if the arch of the foot is poorly supported runners tend to walk and run on the narrow outside portion of the foot as described above. Essentially the runner makes a habit of rolling the ankle outward. This places athletes at high risk for inversion or lateral ankle sprains.

high arches running shoes

These problems can all be avoided for runners with high arches by selecting a running shoe that appropriately cushions and supports the arch of the foot placing the runner in a better position to absorb the impact of the foot with the ground through the shoe rather than the arch.

How are the best running shoes for high arches constructed?

The best running shoes for high arches are constructed with a dense foam material at the instep of the heel through the arch. There should be a cut out of the arch supported by dense foam or hard plastic. The shoe pattern of the bottom of the sneaker should resemble a figure 8 pattern.

Many of the most well known manufacturers have devoted much in the way of technology and research and development to put products on the market to help runners with high arches perform at their top potential while at the same time avoiding injury.

These are the best running shoes for high arches


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Best running shoes for high arches men



Best running shoes for high arches women



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  1. Ajax says:

    This article is really informative, nice one!

  2. Diana says:

    Nice article. Bought a great pair of Nike’s from Amazon, got $15 off and free shipping: – Not sure how long this deal will last, but I just had to share with someone.

    • Eric Gahagan Eric Gahagan says:

      Thanks for the post Diana. I’m glad you liked the article. Please let me know if you would like any other information on plantar fasciitis or shoe recommendations.

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